The fabulous life of fashionista and mommy Winonah de Jong

She has outstanding taste, a great sense of style and is a loving wife and mommy. Winonah De jong is mother of daugther Isaura and son Kyan. Hubby Nigel de Jong is a professional soccerplayer at AC Milan. And being married to a sportsman means that they have to move often to different countries and currently are based in Italy. But besides her family she has a huge obsession for fashion. Take a look at the fabulous life of fashionista and mommy Winonah de Jong!

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Oo yes! When I came back from Ibiza this beauty was waiting for me on my driveway! I guess hubby saw my mothersday wish list. Feel so blessed with an amazing husband and now an amazing car Range rover Voque!

The fabulous life of fashionista and mommy Winonah de Jong

My baby's and I are taking a ride in mummy's new car.

The fabulous life of fashionista and mommy Winonah de Jong

When we arrived in Milan the weather was extremely hot and the kids still had a few days of school left. My daughter had an school play and I helped out to paint the children their faces and to put there costumes on.

Enjoying the sunny weather in Milan with hubby and friends.

I just love it when my hubby decides to cook dinner for us!

I am so proud of my hubby for teaching our daughter to swim at home in our pool in one weekend but I am even prouder of my daughter that she learned to swim that quick!

A peek of my holiday wardrobe because yes we went back to Ibiza for another two weeks after the kids finished school.

My little mermaid.

Ready for a Night out with friends. Love this hot pink dress and pink Louboutins.

Volleyball on the beach with the girls and the kids.

My friend and contributor at Prêt à Pregnant Touriya Vaugan came to Ibiza with her husband and kids. Having a great night out. So much fun!

Here the Vaughan's and the De jong kids are enjoying a ice lolly. So sweet!

Fun times with friends on a night out celebrating the birthday of our friend.

The kids loved the beautiful garden of the apartment we rented.

When we came back to Como we still had a view days left to spent time as a family before my hubby had to start the new season.

I had made the kids a 'tent' in the living room and they were having a picnic inside.

Kids spent a day at training ground with daddy and they got daddy's new kicks with their names on it.

Hubby started his training, so me and the kids went to Amsterdam and spent a lovely day with Janine and Fabian at the parc.

Published on 29 july 2013

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