Funky strollers to match your summer style

Finding the perfect stroller for you and your kid can be hard. It has to be the right fit, comfortable and in your prefered colour. iCandy has a wide range of different models, sizes and colours so there is always one that matches your style. This summer, they have more colours than ever before! From white to pink, from pink to blue and from purple to green: every rainbow shade is included. We love iCandy’s funky strollers for summer!


  1. Orange Stroller in Mercury, iCandy €1040. 2. Strawberry Stroller in Lush, iCandy €799.  3. Apple 2 Pear Stroller in Bluebell, iCandy €700. 4. Peach Stroller in Bubblegum, iCandy €899.  5. Peach Stroller Twin in Truffel, iCandy €1135. 6. Strawberry Stroller in Prism, iCandy €799. 7.  Orange Stroller in Flame, iCandy €1040.8. Orange Stroller in Topaz, iCandy €1040. 9. Apple 2 Pear Stroller in Clover, iCandy €700 (and €95,10 for Footmuff).
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