Prêt à Pregnant talks with Julia Restoin Roitfeld

If there's anyone who embodies chic motherhood, it's Julia Restoin Roitfeld. Before, after and during pregnancy, Julia never lost sight of what is means to be a woman - to put yourself first and and always, always embrace one's femininity. And when we heard the beautiful new mother launched a very special website named after daughter Romy, we had to know more, and were so excited to get a glimpse into the more personal side of Julia. Take a look at our most pressing questions for fashion's most famous daughter.

Pret a Pregnant talks with Julia Restoin Roitfeld about Motherhood

Image by Pamela Hanson for the London Sunday Times Style Cover. 

Q: First and foremost, many congratulations on the birth of your daughter, Romy! How has becoming a mother changed you?

Motherhood is one of the hardest but most fulfilling things. It definitely flips your world upside down, and changes all your priorities!!! It made me way more efficient, driven and ambitious. I work nights so I can spend as much time with my baby as possible. I dont know what sleep means anymore, but when you become a mother, it feels as if you get a whole new round of energy to do it all!

Q: We can’t get enough of your fabulous and whimsical new site, Romy and the Bunnies – how did the idea come about?

After four months off from work after her birth, I wanted to find a strong way to come back as an art director (my job) and merge it with my new passion, motherhood and my baby. I wanted to create an inspiring platform, for mothers, future mothers, and anyone else who likes it!

Q: The artwork seen on the site makes it so very unique – is there a story behind it?

I wanted to differentiate from other websites. Every piece of artwork is especially made for it, and I like to make sure it is unique. The illustrations enhance the personal aspect of it.

Q: Where do you go for inspiration – for the site, and life in general?

Friends, people I work

Q: Many women forget their femininity and themselves altogether once motherhood comes – it’s such a shame and so unnecessary. What advice can you give to avoid this?

Don't forget that before a mom, you are a woman!!! That's how you ended up becoming a mom in the first place!

Q: You always look fresh, flawless and effortless – can you dish on your go-to skincare products?

Oh wow, thanks! Well, I don't have much time for a beauty routine! I use a lot of oil and moisturizers... I love La Mer and I and love cocoa butter...and I am obsessed with Tata Harper's cleanser!

Q: Getting dressed for the day has its challenges with a newborn – what fashion essentials can you always count on when time is of the essence?

A mini black dress - you can never go wrong! Heels always gives a finishing touch too! I live in my Valentino mary jane, they go with everything and are comfortable enough to run errands in! They make me feel so much sexier and it's a great help when you feel exhausted after a sleepless night!

Q: What’s the best advice your mother has given you?

To take time for myself, without feeling guilty!
A rested mother is a better mother... Didn't agree then, after almost a year, I do now!

Q: You are French with a bit of Russian mixed in – are there any family traditions that you are excited to pass on to your daughter?

We don't really have Russian traditions, besides celebrating Russian New Year every year! Lots of vodka involved though lol, so she will have to wait a few years for that! Otherwise, French food! I try to make Romy try everything.

Q: Can you name 10 things (in no particular order) you couldn't live without?

- Blackberry
- Iphone
- Riko digital camera
- Creme de la Mer
- Laura Mercier camouflage counceiler
- Mascara (any)
- My Chanel bag
- Body oil (any) 
- Music
- And last, MY BABY! 

For more information and to see the work of this amazing mom take a look at

Published on 25 october 2013

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