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Artipoppe Front Wrap Cross Carry video tutorial

In love with a fancy Artipoppe wrap but kind of worried about the wrapping techniques? No stress it is not difficult at all. To lay out the wrapping technique for you Artipoppe just released a video tutorial explaining the so called ´Front Wrap Cross Carry´ this is the standard way to wrap an Artipoppe Baby Wrap. You can use this type of carry from birth for as long as you and your baby find it comfortable. It is one of the easiest carries to learn and a size 6 is the most convenient size to practice this carry. Start today by following this tutorial step by step and you will master the art of Artipoppe soon enough! Subscribe to Artipoppe Youtube Channel to follow their weekly video’s. Want to purchase a stylish Artipoppe babywrap? Check out

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