The gorgeous benefits of babywearing

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The gorgeous benefits of babywearing

Babywearing is ‘in vogue’. It is not only good for your baby, it also keeps your hands free to do other things and it looks incredibly beautiful. On occasion, you may have seen some photos flashing by with Mothers flaunting the luxurious baby wraps by Artipoppe. They call it ´Avant-garde Babywearing´ and that’s what it is. Artipoppe seamlessly blends in with the latest Gucci ads and even if you don´t have a baby or your baby is all grown up, you may still find yourself lusting after a fabulous Artipoppe for your own collection just to bring some extra joy to your wardrobe.

But let´s put the gorgeous style aside for a second because we want to share some benefits of babywearing with you today that might be relevant when you are about to make your choice about babywearing. The list of benefits is actually quite excessive (how wonderful!), however we listed the 5 most important in our opinion.

Babies love to be held close

A study in North America discovered that infants who received at least three extra hours of supplemental carrying, cried and fussed 43 percent less than the non-carried group and 51 percent less in the evening hours. That´s quite a number right? If your little one is fussing around a lot it´s definitely worth giving babywearing a try to see if it helps. However, content babies also benefit greatly from the warmth and security of being held close.

Bond with your baby

Did you know that when a baby is held close in a wrap they are often able to let a parent know when they are hungry, bored or wet without even having to cry? It basically empowers you to talk with your baby by feelings and non-verbal signs. This type of interaction increases learning and enhances the attachment between parent and child.

Wearing your baby helps them to adjust to the outside world

Babywearing basically extends the womb experience, providing an external regulating system that balances the irregular and disorganized tendencies of the baby. As the baby places an ear against their mother´s chest, the mother´s heartbeat, reminds them of the sounds in the whomb. Babywearing eases the change from leaving the womb to the outside world.

Babywearing enhances speech development

This one you might not have thought of before, but babywearing can actually enhance speech development. Babywearing enhances speech development because the baby is up at voice and eye level and therefore is able to be more involved in conversations which helps them develop listening skills. The baby will feel part of the conversation. Isn´t that a beautiful thing?

Babywearing helps parents to adjust to their new role

Actually the message is very simple here. Happy babies makes happy mommies. A baby who is content makes a mother feel more competent. Baby wearing enables you to sense when your baby is growing restless or hungry and you can ¨fix¨ the situation before your baby starts to complaint verbally. Another very valuable benefit is the fact that babywearing frees a mother´s hands for day to day activities. Whether it´s to take care of other children or slowly picking up on your career again. Leaving the house doesn´t require as much preparation either and is ideal for when you have to visit busy places as you don´t need a stroller.

The benefits of babywearing reach far beyond the ones mentioned but the 5 listed above can hopefully broaden your view on babywearing and perhaps help you in making your decision about giving babywearing a try. Besides being practical, wearing your baby is just the most beautiful thing in our opinion and it is as easy to learn as learning how to ride a bike or tie your shoes. It just requires a little practice! Artipoppe´s collections offer the most luxury baby wraps and ring slings in the most beautifully designed, high quality fabrics. Mother’s who want the best for their babies cannot help but fall in love with idea of bringing Artipoppe into their new motherhood journey.

We asked a couple of stylish and beautiful moms to tell us in one sentence what they think is the most valuable benefit of babywearing. Get inspired.


Romy Boomsma: ¨My mom tip for the first year is definitely a baby wrap (and also for after the first year but the first year the wrap is a life saver). And thank god for Artipoppe as this labels makes the most most most beautiful baby wraps made of the finest materials. I am confident that the first year without a baby wrap would have been a lot heavier for me. She liked sleeping on me during the first months as she really didn´t want to sleep in her bed. With the baby wrap I was able to keep my hands free and and go out instead of spending time on the couch during her sleeping hours.¨

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Anna van den Bogert:  “If there is one way to feel confident and keep your identity as a woman and mother it is through babywearing.”


Janine Breukhoven-Kho: ¨Artipoppe is super stylish but what´s even more important is the incredibly comfort and safety it offers to your baby. The warmth of your body gives the baby a soothing effect while in the meantime you can work, cook or do other stuff. Babywearing has an incredibly positive effect on bonding.¨


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