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Baby must haves for your summer holiday

Are you ready for your very first holiday with your little one? Your baby is in constant need of attention so going on a holiday can be challenging at first.  But yes a relaxing travel with your newborn is definitely possible! We got you covered with some must have travel essentials. A very important item to start with is The Nuna Sena travel cot, which is ideal for the holiday so your little one has a safe place to sleep. The travel cot is easy to fold with one hand, comes with a padded bottom and is fully adjustable. Every little baby needs the perfect dreams so don´t forget this lovely animal mobile by VTech; sweet dreams come included. The five plush animals who turn around on the rhythm of the  music make sure that your little one will fall asleep easily. The smart sound sensor activates the mobile when the baby cries so you will be notified. Another must have essential is a soft toy for endless hugging. We love this little baby chicken by DouDou et Compagnie. This little toy is available via Sleepyhead. With all these essentials you are ready to give your little baby a home far away from home. Happy Holidays.




  1. travel cot NUNA €175,- 2. music mobile VTECH €37,95 3. toothbrush LIFEGOODS €11,95 4. pajamas PETIT BATEAU €29,90 5. baby gift set RITUALS €17,50 6. hug SLEEPYHEAD €14,95 7. travel bag POETREE €29,95
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