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Festive onesies for baby boys

Get ready for an unforgettable Christmas, your baby boy’s very first! Have you already decorated the Christmas tree and are the plans made for this very special Christmas? One of the most fun parts of this time of the year is dressing up! Not just yourself, but also your little handsome. For some inspiration we have selected 6 adorable festive onesies that will look super cute on your little boy. Besides adorable these baby suits are very comfy and warm as well. So there is nothing in the way for an unforgettable Christmas.

  1. Dr. Kid € 32,30 2. H&M € 29,99 3. Emporio Armani € 126,50 4. iDo Mini € 16,10 5. The Tiny Universe € 88,55 6. Moschino € 101,20
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