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Summer is coming and that means time to upgrade your Tripp Trapp ® chair and Steps ™ modular chair with Stokke ®´s brand new colors and cushions. The range looks fantastic and gives us immediate inspiration for an upgrade of our interior design. We will show you the novelties step by step.

Tripp Trapp ® Adult Cushion

As you know the iconic Stokke ® Tripp Trapp ® chair is for life and the new Adult Cushion makes gives the chair a wonderful upgrade. The new Adult Cushion allows older Tripp Trapp ® users like teens and adults to add just the right amount of softness to their favorite chair with styling more suited for a grown-up, interior friendly look. And there is more as the designers have also taken function into account by incorporating a non-slip bottom to keep your cushion in place. The adult cushion is now available in ¨Slate Twill¨.

Tripp Trapp® Baby Cushion

Quilted for superior comfort, this ingenious cushion has been carefully designed to give your small baby that added bit of support when they begin using their Tripp Trapp® high chair. Available in sweet and playful new patterns, choose from: Soft Sprinkle & Cloud Sprinkle

Tripp Trapp® Classic Cushion

Versatile and functional, the Tripp Trapp® Classic Cushion adds both softness and personality. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, selected designs are offered in a coated version for extra easy cleaning. Best of all, it is compatible with all Tripp Trapp chairs with or without the Tripp Trapp® Baby Set™ too! Available in sophisticated new color: Grey Mélange

Tripp Trapp® Junior Cushion

The fashionable new Tripp Trapp® Junior Baby Cushion is perfect for older children to personalize their favorite chair for a more grown-up look. Made of interior friendly fabrics, it has added function with a non- slip bottom to keep it in place. You can choose from Slate Twill and Jade Twill.

Also the Stokke® Steps™ collection got an upgrade. The designers added new functional  accessories that are on trend and in style. They introduced new cushions and a new baby set color making it easier than ever to personalize your chair. So now you can customize products to suit your personal taste.

Stokke® Steps™ Chair Cushion

Offered in an interior friendly hue, the new cushion allows children and older users to personalize their chair and add softness to their seat for extra styling and comfort. A non-slip bottom keeps the cushion in place. Available in Jade Twill.

Stokke® Steps™ Baby Set Cushion

Making it easier than ever to make your Stokke® Steps™ more comfortable, we´re now offering cushions in sophisticated and sweet options. Available in Black & Soft Sprinkle

Stokke® Steps™ Baby Set

With the simple addition of Stokke® Steps™ Baby Set, the Stokke® Steps™ Chair transforms into a highchair which can be used from about 6 months. Now available in versatile Aqua Blue.

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