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Pink pastels for your baby girl

Pink is the colour of this season. For ultra warm weather like today we prefer to go for pastels, such as soft pink.  Combined with white or nudes, it’s always a match! Pick light items in your favourite shade and your baby girl is good to go.


  1. Water Sandals, Zara €12,95. 2. Pleated Dress, H&M €14,99.  3. Frill Jeans, Fendi €181,25. 4. Set of 2 Rompers, H&M €6,99. 5. Crepe Trousers, Chloé €86,25. 6. Pink Sunsuit, Fendi €112,50. 7. Sandals, H&M €14,99.
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Shanice Zoeteweij

Shanice Zoeteweij

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