Special and meaningful baby names you'd want to give your baby

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Special and meaningful baby names you'd want to give your baby

Finding the perfect name for your (unborn) baby can be quite challenging. There are so many names out there, that you might experience an overkill of names. Don’t limit yourself to names in your own country, but be sure to check names from other cultures too – you might just find the perfect name. These names all have beautiful meanings: from honesty and peaceful to brave and joyous.

To make it a little easier for you, we listed a few of our favorite special and meaningful baby names, what they mean, and where its origins lay.

Names for girls
Megumi is Japanese and means ‘blessing’.
Aliza means ‘cheerful’ and has its origins in Hebrew.
Valora is a name with Latin origins and means ‘courageous’.
Adelah is Arabic and means ‘fair’.
Emuna means ‘faithful’ and has its origins in Hebrew.
Daminca is a French name, which means ‘friendly’.
Eudora is Greek and means ‘generous’.
Yuko means ‘helpful’ and is a common name in Japan.
Nadeah is Russian and means ‘hopeful’.
Meave means ‘joyous’ and has origins in the Irish language.
Candace is a Latin name and means ‘sincere’.

Names for boys
Baldwin is a name which has its origins in Germany, where it means ‘brave’.
Eyal means ‘courageous’ and is a Hebrew name.
Raif is an Arabic name and means ‘forgiving’.
Hiro is Japanese and means ‘generous’.
Jati is an Indonesian name and means ‘honest’.
Mhina means ‘joyous’ and has African origins.
Philo means ‘loving’ and has origins in the Greek language.
Shiloh is a Hebrew name and means ‘peaceful’.

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