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The baby essentials you need in your hospital bag

Last week we told you about the essentials you need in your hospital bag, for yourself. This week we’re going to tell you exacty what you should pack for your newborn.

As first, it’s best to invest in a good changing bag. You can stuff it with all the items and it’s easy to carry. We advise you too buy one that looks pretty, because you are going to carry it a lot coming years. Or pick one that is super funky, like the Moschino one we chose.

On your packinglist should be outfits for the baby. The first one is a babygrow, where the baby can sleep in without any fuss. Make it a cute one, since this is his/her first outfit and will be in all the pictures. Next to that, pick a leaving outfit for your baby. Make sure it’s a warm and cosy outfit, to snuggle him up during the trip home.

To keep the baby warm, you need a few items besides clothing. Pack a little hat, since most heat leaves the baby’s body through their head. Also take some mittens with you, to keep his hands warm and prevent him from scratching himself. Next to that, bring some extra socks and a blanket.

Finally, think about stuff that you can need extra. A bib in case your baby is hungry, a soft toy, and ofcourse diapers!

If you forgot something, don’t stress. You will do an amazing job and everything is going to be fine. Just enjoy the moment (as far as that’s possible) and your little wonder.

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  1. Changing Bag, Moschino €313,75. 2. Penguin Print Babygrow,  Absorba €23. 3. Alpaca Wool Booties, Oeuf €52. 4. Blue Baby Nest, Dolce & Gabbana €468,75. 5. Soft Toy Tiger, Kenzo €45. 6. Knitted Cotton Hat, Mayoral €16,25. 7. Monster Bib, Fendi €81,25. € 8. Cardigan With Clouds, Lucien Zazou €26. 9. Scratch Mittens, Absorba €10. 10. Organic Baby Leggings, Lucien Zazou €22,50.
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