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The Diaperbag of... Vero Baez of Stylemintd

As a (new) mom you can’t leave the house without all your baby essentials. There is so much you need to take with you when you’re on the go with a little one. From diapers to an extra pair of clothing and from baby wipes to his or her favorite toy. In the diaperbag of our favorite moms give us a look inside their diaper bag.

Today Instagram influencer and blogger Vero Baez from Stylemintd gives us a peek inside her bag. Vero is the mom to twin girls Alessandra and Natalia, so she has to bring everything double in her Sunveno diaper backpack. She chose this bag -after a long online search- because of the space. Let’s have a look inside her stylish bag.

1. Bags for dirty diapers: They are life changers. If you are in somebody’s else’s house, you don’t want stinky diapers in their trash, with these bags you throw your dirty diapers in the trashcan without leaving a bad smell.
2. Baby wipes: I normally use the ones from AH since they are soft and the best for the type of skin of my girls.
3. Clothing: Two extra sets of clothing, because you’ll never know what happens. My girls’ clothes are from all different brands, also new brands which I collaborate with. My favorite brands are Carters, Prénatal, Zara, H&M and Primark.
4. Rice crackers: The ones from Organix are the best
5. Toys: Most of the times I bring books from Hema, they have little books for 1 year old babies and they love it.
6. Cutlery: I always bring 2 spoons and forks for the girls.
7. Avent bottles: Since day one I feed the girls with bottles (also my breast milk). For me this worked the best and luckily they didn’t have any reflux. I always bring two bottles each when we leave the house.
8. Thermos: I always bring a thermos with hot water so their milk will always be at the perfect temperature.

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