We cannot remember it being any different than happiness of the woman being the centre at Dior. It is their mission and obsession that runs with a red treat along the company. From the moment Dior made their entrance in the fashion world in 1947 after a dark period until today, while revealing a new creation, the soul of Dior hasn’t changed, it has always been feminine, luxurious and attractive.

It is already about 20 years ago that Dior introduced a new important perfume. But even after all those years, the feeling of needing to create a new and original scent came above. They based the new scent on the time-honored ideals of Dior; happiness taking the shape of essential, visionary luxury. It is a love letter to the world, a present from Dior to all women. Just like having a newborn feels like a present, a bundle of ‘Joy’.

“Creating a new Dior perfume is a big moment. Not only for me, but for the whole House. The scent had to speak to both women and men. With a powerful signature and an impressive generosity. Luckily the name was already known before I started. A very unique name! Short yet powerful, and above all an unwritten page that is open for anything. To tell the story of the fragrance, I chose to create an unwrapping scent that is soft and on the other hand has a energetic accent. Joy by Dior is a fresh breeze, like a path that carries you along.” – François Demachy, Perfume-Creator Dior

Joy is a simple and modest word that you will always feel present. In everything is joy, it is in our blood. But how do you define an undefinable feeling? How can you expres this in a fragrance? How do you translate this feeling to a scent of nuts, flowers and chords? Because Joy isn’t a feeling that you can chase or capture. Joy is elusive, the feeling overtakes us, unexpected and overwhelming.

Joy by Dior is a sensory stimulating fragrance that embraces us, it is hard to tell if the scent is fresh, impetuous, flowery or milky. But it is not important, because this fragrance is all of that, all in one. A fragrance that lives in us, that will immediately makes us feel joyful.

A perfume that resembles the feeling of becoming a mom, the joy you feel when you see your little one for the first time, to see their first steps, to hear their first words. It will all make you feel an incredible amount of joy. How incredibly delightful is it to have to feeling all bottled up into one perfume? You might understand that we already added Joy by Dior to our list of favorite scents ever.

Joy by Dior Eau de Parfum 90 ml – €139,50 



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