Passionate Fall Look with Dior

This fall collection, filled with seduction, sexappeal and even humor, is dedicated to an advertorial from back in the days, with the slogan “Dior en Diable !”. Peter Philips, Creative Director form Dior Makeup tells that Christian Dior is being associated with ‘femme-fleur’, and that is more than right. It was after all, a couturier who dared. He loved to dress his clients in angelic pink outfits, or even almost poisons yet irresistible orange. The Dior woman has a mischievous temperament, which shows from this collection. A collection with hot orange tones, maniacal copper tones and rusty brown nuances as hellish as swirling lava will bring back the fire in your relationship after the little one is born. The color palet of this look outlines an explosive and fierce femininity.

1. Dark object of desire

We don’t know if it is the feminine way to apply, the iconic drop-shaped stick, or perhaps the devilish color. But by all means, Rouge Dior has never been this enchanting. Peter Philips created six new shades for Rouge Dior, which all perfectly match the intent color of the eyes and nails.

Or create your look with Dior Rouge Liquid, Red Lava is a fiery wine red with a metallic shine. And Copper Lava, which has a coppery orange shade.

Rouge Dior – €37,50 / Rouge Dior Liquid – €37,50


2. lf eyes could kill…

For the new 5 Couleurs, Dior selected some contrasting autumn shades. They have got two smokey color harmonies, and we are absolutely in love with both. “Devilish”, is based around a fiery red shade. Complemented with a highlight pink for a clarifying effect, a brown shade that structures the glance. And last but not least a purple and a golden shade to give the look an electric accent. “Volcanic” has lava-like orange as the base color and is supported by some cooler colors: smoky brown and gray shades.

5 Couleurs – €61,50

3. The fiery glow of the inner flame 

With just one simple brush stroke Diorskin Nude Luminizer wakes up your flow. The powder is overloaded with pearly pigments, which clarifies the teint with an iridescent glow. They developed the Diorskin Nude Luminizer so that it is suitable for every skin tone, yet there is a wide variety of shades available. From platina pink and extreme bright nude to golden orange shades.

“It is an incredibly versatile product: when applied at strategic points, it gives the make-up a completely new dimension. It is ideal for strobing. It can also be used during the day, as soon as the make-up threatens to fade, to give the make-up look a small boost, ” – Peter Philips

Diorskin Mineral Nude Luminizer – €44,50 

4. Show off your claws 

703 Trigger is a bus chalk shade of grey, which tones down the look a bit. You can also opt for seductive Rouge en Diable, shameless yellow Sulphurous or glowing hot orange shade Hot. Even though you might not have a lot of time to do your nails with the little one around, well cared for nails is always pretty.

Rouge Dior Vernis – €27,50





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