Reduce your footprint with vegan brand Love Beauty and Planet

Look good, do good and feel good is the motto of the brand Love Beauty and Planet. Their beauty products are sustainable, vegan and will give you beautiful skin and gorgeous hair. Produced with respect for the planet, because for Love Beauty and Planet, beauty is very important but they won’t let it be at the expense of our planet.

The skin care products of Love Beauty and Planet has a variety of lines, so everyone can find their perfect scent. You can choose: Muru Muru butter & Rose, Coconut oil & Ylang Ylang, Shea butter & Sandalwood, Rosemary & Vetiver, Coconut & Mimosa and last but not least Argan oil & Lavender. All shower gels are from 86 procent to 96 procent biodegradable, and the body scrubs even up to 97 procent. So you can reduce your daily footprint. Besides this small act of love for the planet, the skin care products also contains natural ingredients to soften, hydrate and protect your skin.

The hair treatment products didn’t just loose the silicones from the formulas, they also got enriched with plant based cleaning substances, to remove dirt from your hair without damaging your hair and head. All the conditioners hold organic coconut oil to detangle, and boost the shine factors. And you can choose the best shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo and hair mask for your hair type! They offer: Blooming Colour, Hope and Repair, Happy and Hydrated, Delightful Detox and Volume and Bounty.

What is your small act of love to help the planet be a bit more beautiful for the little one in your belly? For more information go to:



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