Take care of your eyes at night with Estée Lauder

With this heat and your pregnancy, you might be having trouble sleeping. Instead of sleeping, you are scrolling to your Instagram feed, looking for babyroom inspiration on Pinterest and searching for tips and advice. Like this, you will interrupt the natural recovery process of your skin, because you do not get enough sleep. But even when you are asleep, there might be a chance you interrupt that proces. Because of the blue light at night, your body still thinks it is daytime. While your body thinks that, it stays alert. The natural night ritme of your skin cels will be damaged by this. The natural recovery process is interrupted, and as a consequence your skin will age faster.

Estée Lauder is the leader in researching the importance of the biorhythm for the nightly recovery of the skin. Now they are introducing the new Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex Synchronized Recovery. This powerful eye gel reduces the visible impact of every important harmful influences for the skin. It helps prevent and recover among other: lack of sleep, UV beams, pollution and nocturnal exposure to blue light.

This eye product reduces the signs of aging skin around the eyes, like the lines, bags and dry skin. It lightens dark circles in just three weeks, and it helps prevent damaging the skin.

You can use this product every morning and every night, on a cleansed skin around the eyes.

Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex Synchronized Recovery € 61,-
    -available from the 6th of August. 

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