How To Style the THE MOM T-SHIRT?!

Have you already seen our new The Mom T-Shirt?! We are so proud that we have released these summer musthave item for moms! Not only do we have a basic white t-shirt, but also a limited t-shirt with leopard print. And guess what? These shirts are perfect for during your pregnancy! They have got that perfect amount of stretch, just buy it a size larger! And an oversized t-shirt will still look cute when you’re not pregnant anymore. We combined the t-shirt with a knitted striped skirt from Prada, that will also stretch along with your bump. Together with some cool sneakers and yellow sunglasses, you will look amazing! But give it a chique touch with earrings from Kimberly McDonald and a bag from Gucci. You will steal the show, even though you are wearing a basic and comfortable tee!

1. Skirt Prada via €550 2. T-Shirt The Mom Collection €39,95 3. Sneakers Sandro €195  4. Bag Gucci €970 5. Earrings Kimberly McDonald €17.299,71 6. Sunglasses Dior €320 7. Lipgloss Christian Louboutin Beauty €76,69


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