The prettiest maternity lingerie for you

Every woman wants to feel sexy and feminine, especially when pregnant. Instead of wearing ugly bra’s and huge underwear, invest in some pretty maternity lingerie. Because although you might think it’s impossible: there are amazing nursery bra’s! And extra plus: they don’t have to be expensive, H&M has them too! Super important to buy these, as they will make you feel better about your body when you are insecure. And your definitely doesn’t mind to see you in these 😉


  1. Jersey Maternity Bra, Six £72. 2. Jersey Knickers, Six £35. 3. Nursing Bra, H&M €19,99. 4. Adoring Maternity Bra, Stella McCartney £65. 5. Adoring Briefs, Stella McCartney £35. 6. Nursery Bra, Panache €55.  7. Criss Cross Bra, Topshop €26. 8. Criss Cross Knickers, Topshop €13. 9. Lace Chemise, Agatha £92. 10. Lace & Mesh Nursing Bra, Topshop €25. 11. Lace & Mesh Mini Knickers, Topshop €10. 12. Nursery Bra, Noppies €29,99. 13. Shorts, Noppies €15,99. 14. Nursing Bra, Hot Milk Lingerie $48,99.
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