Nursery Decoration: 5 Brands to keep an eye on


Nursery Decoration: 5 Brands to keep an eye on

Is there a baby on the way? There are lots of things you are probably planning and thinking of before your little miracle will enter this world. One of those things is decorating the nursery. Do you know it is going to be a boy or a girl? Then you can choose to make the nursery girlish or boyish. Or are you planning on keeping the gender a secret? Then a more neutral baby room is practical.

We selected five interior brands to make it all a little easier for you. Start reading and be prepared for a lot of ‘ah’s’ and ‘oh’s’!

Minted has a huge collection of children’s art, from animal prints to portraits and quotes. You can choose the print, the frame, and the size yourself. This way you can keep the price as low or high as you wish. Besides, you can also shop at Minted for stationery items (such as birthday invites and baby shower cards) and for the cutest bed fabrics.

Visit for more information.

We are in love with this giraffe print from Minted!

We are in love with this giraffe print from Minted!

Margherita Missoni
Margherita Missoni is one of our favorite brands for kids. With its colourful and playful designs, your child is going to love it as much as you do. From bedding and pillows to lamps and accessories, Missoni has something fitting for every nursery.

You can find the collection and more information here.



Monique Lhuillier
Are you expecting a girl? Monique Lhuillier knows just how to decorate a girl’s nursery. With her magical touch, she does not only create super soft bedding, romantic accessories and beautiful blankets in soft color tones, the collection also contains cribs, dressers, and chairs. Your nursery might become your favorite place in the house…

You can shop the collection here.



Eina Design
Designer Einat Pincu Garber only uses metal to create her products, and finish them with a colored powder coating. Her collection contains coat racks and wall boards, all made with a great eye for detail. Go for a dinosar wall board or choose a princess-themed coat rack.

Find out about the collection here.

Photo by @dreumesenzo

Photo by @dreumesenzo


Het Slaaphuisje
This brand was founded by two Dutch parents, who were looking for a bed for their 3-year-old daughter. They could not find anything that fit their expectation, and so they decided to design the bed themselves. That is how ‘Het Slaaphuisje’ was born: a cool, minimalistic, and innovative bed for kids. Besides beds, they have a huge collection of basically everything you need to decorate your kid’s room. Although this bed is not suitable for your nursery yet, we did not want to keep this beautiful brand from you. That being said, it will not do any harm to start looking for items when your baby grows older.

Find more information about the collection on the website.

The 'Morning Dew over the Grass Green' bed

The ‘Morning Dew over the Grass Green’ bed

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