Nursery interior: scandinavian simplicity

We love a minimalistic nursery and bet you will too. These items are typical Scandinavian, simple but sophisticated. They look basic on first seight, but they have special details. Combine black, white and grey with soft pastels and use rich materials. For some extra sense of style: add nature elements such as wood and plants (make sure the baby can’t reach them).


  1. Multi-Colour Rug, Nova Kilim £175. 2. Toddler Clothing Rail, Nubie £75. 3. Poster, Ninou £10. 4. Hanging Vase, whkmp’s OWN €14,95. 5. Dresser, Europa Baby €215.  6. Wrap Blanket, Jollein €39,90. 7. Grey Cushion, Sentou €100.
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Shanice Zoeteweij

Shanice Zoeteweij

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