The nursery essentials you need for your baby

Decorating the nursery with care and style can be hard. You want to chose quality products that bring your baby comfort, but you also want it to look stylish. We love Poetree Kids. They have amazing products in different colours that you can mix and match, or just keep it simple with one tone. The used materials are super soft and therefore comfy for your kid. The collection is called ‘Oxford Grey’ and named after the Oxford style woven fabric. The items are timeless designs, with small details and great craftmanship.

Poetree shopping

  1. Sleeping Bag, Poetree Kids €65. 2. Commode Bag, Poetree Kids €29,95. 3. Toiletry Bag, Poetree Kids €24,95. 4. Tetra Towels, Poetree Kids €24,95. 5. Set of 2 Bibs, Poetree Kids €20. 6. Changing Mat Cover, Poetree Kids €44,95. 7. Playpen Mat, Poetree Kids €74,95
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