Adorable doll houses for little girls

Back in the days you probably spend many hours playing with your doll house. Doll houses are timeless and will always be one of the best toys to play with for little girls (and boys of course). When you were little your doll house probably had a classic look and feel with wooden furniture and loads of floral printed curtains. Let’s hope you stored this precious toy in a safe place for your daughter, because a classic doll house is still a big hit and it’s super special if different generations create brand new stories with it. Don’t worry if you don’t have a vintage doll house, because these days there are sooo many beautiful houses to find. Today we’ve selected some of our favorites. If your girl is still to little to play with it, it’s also a great addition to the interior of her nursery.

Lundby Premium Dollhouse € 89

Create a fun and modern doll house with this example from Lundy. You can style it however you want.

Firm Living Wooden Dollhouse € 201

This wooden dollhouse can be attached to the wall and has a Scandinavian look and feel.

Sylvanian Families Cosy Cottage € 44,90

Create your own little cottage with the cute animals and furniture from Sylvanian families. You can actually build a Sylvanian town with all the other houses and lovely items.

Le Toy Van Victoria’s house € 201

This pink dollhouse is for the true girly girls. Style the house with all the lovely furniture peaces and create your own little palace.

REX Cardboard Dollhouse € 13

This cardboard dollhouse is for the real creative kids. Build your very own fun and colorful dollhouse spend many hours playing afterwards.

Djeco Cubic House € 80

Who says only girls can play with dollhouses? This cubic house from Djeco is also perfect for boys. Style it however you want with all the available furniture and dolls from this cool French brand.

KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse € 154,50

This dollhouse has everything a little girl wants: prints, colors and 3 floors of dollhouse fun!

PoppenVilla by Liliane® € 1988

Are you looking for an over the top villa for your little girl’s Barbie dolls? Then you should definitely have a look at this super stylish wooden villa from by Liliane.

p.s. This dollhouse is 130cm high, so Barbie will have loads of space to live her luxury life in ;-).

Hema wooden dollhouse € 65

Wooden dollhouses are very populair and super solid. This one from Hema is low budget and your little one can enjoy playing with it for many many hours.

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