Get Away Together with TomTom RoadTrips

After your pregnancy there will be a lot of changes. Including the amount of quality time you will have with your hubby. You won’t be with just the two of you anymore, because your little bundle of joy will join the family. So right now during your pregnancy is a perfect time to spent some time together. And what is better than a road trip with just the two of you?! A romantic getaway with lots of fun. TomTom will help you have a great romantic trip. With the TomTom RoadTrip you can create your own route, and add all kind of fun romantic locations. Like beautiful castles and TripAdvisor will give you a great selection of romantic hotels, fine restaurants and so on. You can all plan it out on your TomTom before you go. But you can also add locations on the fly with your smartphone.

The TomTom RoadTrip works really easily with your TomTom’s online route planner; MyDrive.
So it is time to start planning and go have some fun times with your hubby. We are sure that you’ll see the most amazing things and have some much needed quality time.



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