The effect of listening to music during your pregnancy

You’ve probably heard about playing music during your pregnancy, but what are the effects on you and your unborn baby? Is it true that playing music makes babies actually smarter? And can the music unborn babies are exposed to really shape their personalities? 

It is said that in general, music has positive effects on people: it’s praised for its healing capacities and soothes our emotions. It is therefore a good tool to help you de-stress, relax or change your mood. However, what are the effects of music during the pregnancy?


Research about this subject is quite new, so there are lots of assumptions, but not much hard evidence. There have been claims that when unborn babies are being exposed to music, they show overall improvement in mental, behavioral, and emotional development after they are born. It is also said that listening to music during your pregnancy will improve your unborn baby’s reflexes and auditory senses. How badly we like to believe all of these statements, research of unborn babies is not that developed. There’s no scientific proof that these claims are actually true.

However, we can conclude that listening to music during your pregnancy is good for the mother’s well-being. Music helps her to relax, which is also good for the baby. As with a lot of other things, you shouldn’t overdo it while you’re pregnant. Just listen to music whenever you feel like it, and keep the volume low.


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