Pregnancy apps that will make your life a little easier


Pregnancy apps that will make your life a little easier

One of the benefits of living in the 21st century is technology. We love Internet, our phones, and the applications on it. There are lots of apps our there for pregnant ladies, that can make your life a little bit easier. Scroll down and find our favorites!


  1. I’m Expecting: this app shows professional and medical videos about your baby’s development, which gives you a good insight into what’s happening to your and your baby’s body. Sync the app with other apps such as RunKeeper.
  2. Sprout Pregnancy: an app to track you and your baby during every stage of your pregnancy. There is a journal feature to keep track of your pregnancy, and there is also a section with doctor’s advice.
  3. 50,000 Baby Names: looking for baby names? Not to worry, this app is super extensive and contain religious names, cultural names, and unusual names. You can also read what names mean.
  4. My Pregnancy Today: BabyCenter developed this app that has a little bit of everything. Find the answers you’re looking for and keep track of your baby’s first year.
  5. Full Term: this app is handy when you’re about to go in labor. With a simple timer you get measure your contractions and the time between them. It can be that easy.
  6. Baby Pool: a fun game you can share with your family and friends – let them guess your baby’s birth date, time of birth, gender, and lots more. This way you can keep everyone up to date about your pregnancy in a fun way.



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