Pregnancy Tip: How to keep your pregnancy a secret

Yeah you are pregnant! Congratulations and good luck ;-). Let this very special 9 month journey begin. The first 3 months you probably don’t want to spread the big news. When you know fore sure your little baby is all fine you can tell the world that you are expecting. Those first 3 months can be quite challenging; you can’t drink alcohol anymore, morning sickness, changing body and of course the mood swings. Today we would love to share some tips with you on how to survive the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Tip 1: All will be fine

From the moment you’ll see a positive pregnancy test your life will be a rollercoaster. Everything will be different from now on and a whole new life is ahead. Put all your fears aside and try to enjoy every single moment. Stress is not good for you and your baby. So don’t panic and enjoy your bun in the oven in secret with your hubby.

Tip 2: Tell a friend

Of course you and your hubby are in this together, but it’s also nice to tell a close friend or family member the amazing news. If you have someone to talk with about your pregnancy it’s less difficult to keep the secret for everyone else. Tip: pick someone whom is already a mom so you can ask all your questions.

Tip 3: It’s okay to lie

Of course lying is not okay, but in this case you can come up endless with untrue excuses to refuse that glass of wine or skip a girls’ night out because you are too tired. Make yourself a list with the perfect excuses so you will have an answer ready all day every day. After you’ve announced the news you will probably hear a lot “I knew it”, but they will definitely forgive your lie.

Tip 4: Have an alcohol free drink

When you do go on that girls’ night make sure you’ll have a partner in crime. This can be a friend or a bartender. Take a little fake sip from your wine a couple of times, place it on a table near the friend and let her drink the rest. She will probably be extra drunk at the end of the night, but that’s what friends are for ;-). You can also start a conversation with a bartender and tell him or her your little secret. He or she will make sure that you’ll will get an alcohol free glass of wine. This works best when you are having dinner.

Tip 5: Hello maternity style

Your body will probably change soon. Although your baby is still tiny your body will get ready for him or her to grow and grow. Your flat stomach will disappear anytime soon and your boobs will be a few sizes bigger. This already happens in the first trimester. Make sure you’ll wear a bit oversized clothing. Luckily it’s summer now so just wear printed dresses that doesn’t accentuate your bump. Keep in mind to not exaggerate, because if you wear a super oversized dress people will think you have something to hide.

Tip 6: Plan a big announcement

These days it’s a thing to announce your pregnancy in an original way. Plan your big announcement and make it a moment to remember for everybody. This is not only super fun, but it will also help you to keep the secret.

Tip 7: Your body is your temple

Especially when you are expecting you should really take the best of the best care of your body. Try to sleep good, eat healthy and avoid stress. If possible of course, because morning sickness can be a pity and those hormons can be killing. Try to stay close to yourself and put yourself and the baby first. Like this no one will notice a thing.

Tip: 8 You’re the boss

Most people want to keep a pregnancy a secret for the first three months, but others want to tell it straight away. This is also just fine of course. Just do it your way, because this will always be the best way.

Enjoy your pregnancy to the max and before you now it these amazing nine months are over and you will have a little baby in your arms.

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