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As long as she can remember Instagram influencer Saar wanted to become a young mommy and this summer at the age of 23, her dream came true. On June 24 she and her boyfriend welcomed their daughter Doortje Olivia Lefine. Ever since she enjoys her mommy life to the max and today she opens up about her pregnancy, breastfeeding and her mommy life so far.

Congratulations with the birth of your baby girl! How is it going so far?
Thanks a lot! She is the sweetest girl on earth. It’s amazing how much I love her. We are so blessed with her. No sleepless nights (she sleeps from 23:00 until 08:00) and a lot of fun and cuteness during the day.

You welcomed Doortje 2 weeks over time. How were these last few weeks?
Oh don’t even start.. I was counting the days. I wanted to meet her so badly! I also wanted to give birth at home so I needed her to come before I had to be initiated.

How did the delivery go?
Lucky me! The delivery started just one day before I had to be initiated. It started at home but she was born in the hospital. In 7 hours my baby girl was finally there. She was more than 8 pounds so it wasn’t the easiest delivery but I am proud that I had the strength to do this on my own without pain relief.

Living on a big pink cloud ever since?
This is something I expected, but to be honest it’s not all rosy. The first 2 weeks were pretty tough actually. I was crying a lot, also tears of joy but still, a lot of crying. Also, my body needed to heal and it took a lot of my energy. Don’t get me wrong, I was madly in love with my baby girl but it’s also hard work and a lot of ‘first things’ that you are experiencing.

The summer of 2018 is pretty hot in The Netherlands. Is this difficult with a new born baby?
Finally a real summer in The Netherlands! I am over the moon! I don’t think it bothers Doortje. Of course we try to keep it cool inside the house and most of the time she is wearing just her diaper or a romper. It’s a waste of all those gorgeous clothes we bought ;). We did buy her a little sunhat and we use a special 50+ sunscreen for babies.

Breastfeeding, yeah or nah?
I wanted this so badly. It’s such a beautiful and special way to feed your baby. Unfortunately for me, this lasted 5 days. Because of an urinary infection, I had to take antibiotics and I was feeling so sick. I had to stop breastfeeding. I’ve resigned myself, and now I realize it’s okay. Doortje is doing so so well, also on the formula. 😉

Did you always wanted to become a mother at a young age?
Yes, for as long as I can remember! Of course you’ll never know how your life is going to be. My boyfriend is 27 and I am 23 years old. We felt we were ready to take this step and start a family. Best decision ever!!

How did you experience your pregnancy?
With ups and downs for sure! The first 3 months were intense. I was feeling so tired and nauseous all the time. The second trimester was amazing and the last trimester was a little bit of both. The most amazing thing? Feeling her movements inside of me.

What where your favorite maternity brands?
To be honest, I didn’t buy a lot of maternity wear. I bought one maternity jeans from H&M and one dress from Noppies. Everything else I bought from my favorite brands, just in bigger sizes!

Did you have any cravings?
Orange juice! Every single day I was craving for orange juice.

Which fashion mom do you look at for inspiration?
Babe @kaesutherland is always beautifully dressed and so is her lovely daughter Loua.
Best fashion inspo I get from @queenofjetlags.
Another fashion mommy to follow on Instagram @lizetgreve

What keeps you relaxed in stressful times?
A warm bath with a good book and a cup of tea. Sometimes I just lay down for 10 minutes with my eyes closed. When I’m somewhere where I can’t do both, just breathe!

Describe your ultimate mommy me-time moment.
On Saturday morning my boyfriend takes Doortje downstairs so I can stay in bed a little bit longer. Around 10 am I get up and he brings me my breakfast upstairs. When I’m done with my breakfast I have some “beauty time” for myself.

How do you stay healthy? Are there any beauty and lifestyle tips you would like to share?
I try to drink a lot of water during the day. This is so important! What else? A good beauty routine before you go to bed!

And last but not least…… Share the best tip for other moms.
Don’t try to hard! Remember we are all doing the best we can but sometimes we don’t even know what we’re doing and that’s fine.

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