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Sara Emilie is a 25 year old mom from Norway. She has two kids, Liam (3) and Emma whom is 2 months old. Sara Emilie is very creative, which shows off on her Instagram feed. She always shares the best quotes on her letterboards and some of her posts have gone viral. She loves to be social, so that is why we had a talk with her and asked her everything about her Instagram posts and about motherhood. 

Congratulations with the birth of baby Emma, how did you experience your second pregnancy?

Actually quite okey. When I was pregnant with Liam I vomited every day from week 4 until he was born and I still gained 35 kilo’s. But with Emma it was much easier, since I had to run after my first kid haha. Of course it was heavy and hot but all in all I can’t complain because the first one was so bad.

How did Liam react to having a baby sister?

He is so proud!! He always wants to cuddle her and help changing diapers. I was so afraid of losing him or that he would feel left out. I could not believe that it was possible to have enough love for both of them and was so afraid of having 2 kids. But my heart just really grew double the size and I want more kids now! He takes such good care of Emma and he has not reacted in a bad way at all.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your Instagram posts?

Mostly from my head. I love to be creative and always have been. I take most of my ideas from my everyday life at home, all the situations get in the middle of as a mom are a lot of inspiration 🙂

What is your favorite quote that you’ve used for one of your posts?

I have not had it on a letterboard yet but I will soon  post it: YOU ARE NOT A BAD MOM. YOU ARE A GREAT MOM, HAVING A BAD DAY. I really love that quote, because as a mother we put so much pressure on ourselves and I think its important to know the difference between a bad mother and a bad day 💗

What is something you’ve learned from motherhood?

That sleep is something you can’t take for granted? Haha.

What are you favorite brands for Liam and Emma?

I love Newbie from KappAhl, so pretty but at the same time perfect for everyday life. And 100% organic!

What cannot be missed in the bag of a mother?

Wipes. Omg I have a box in every room in my house.

What is your favorite maternity brand?

Definitely Pinkblush! I love that they have all sizes, from XS to 3XL and the clothes are so comfy and pretty.

What was your pregnancy craving?

Watermelon actually. It was a hot summer in Norway for the first time in a long time.

Did your beauty regime change during your pregnancy?

Not much, because with a toddler you need to have a tight regime.

What can we find on your night stand?

Nose spray, wipes, diapers and salt water.

What is your favorite brand for nursing bra’s?

Milki exclusive from Jollyroom, pretty and comfy. It’s hard to find a good bra because of my size  85J, but those are perfect,

Which others moms inspire you the most?

I love @frkeinevoll, she is such an amazing mom for her kids and I love how she shows that color doesn’t define gender. Her little girl rocks all the colors and even though I am a ‘pink mama’ myself I find it amazing to see that she is facing the fact on how we as humans automatically think ‘girl is pink boy is blue’ and she just smiles whenever someone says cute ‘boy’ on her picture!!

What is Liam his favorite toy?

Spiderman is everything.

What stroller do you use for Emma?

Emmaljunga NXT 90 F

And last but not least… what is your tip for other moms?

Listen to yourself and your own heart. As a mother you will hear SO MUCH advice. Every baby is different and YOU know what’s best for your own baby.

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