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Vero Baez moved from Mexico to the Netherland for love. In September she and her husband welcomed twin girls Alessandra Valentina & Natalia Sofia. 6 years ago she started her blog Stylemintd and on social media she shares her mommy journey with her 151K followers. Time to talk with this stunning mom about raising twin girls, her amazing style and more.

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How would you describe your own personal style?
My style is totally defined according to my mood. It depends on the day and what is fashionable, nothing exaggerated but discreet. I like the casual and not complicated

Your favorite maternity brand?
I liked Seraphine a lot. H&M Mama, ASOS and Prénatal.

How would your friends describe you in 10 words?
Happy, strong, friend, powerful, fighter, sweet, funny, temperamental, Latin, stylish.

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How did you experience your first pregnancy?
It was totally unexpected, the first 4 months were torture, I had all the symptoms, accompanied by carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes and a short pregnancy because it was a twin.

What was your reaction when you found out you were expecting twins?
Shock shock shock. Omg, omg omg!

How is it to be a mom of twin girls?
The best thing that could ever happen to me in my life, double happiness. Very heavy the first month but fortunately I have the easiest girls in the world. They don’t cry and from the second month they slept all night, yes!

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Did you change your beauty regime during your pregnancy?
Yes, definitely took care of myself much more. I have always suffered from acne since my adolescence so during pregnancy I stopped using creams that could affect pregnancy, however my skin improved a lot and I was much happier.

What was your best kept beauty secret during your pregnancy?
Bio oil was a must during pregnancy. I applied it on my belly every day and it helped a lot to reduce stretch marks and keep me hydrated.

You are totally back in shape again. How did you do that?
During pregnancy I gained only 10kg. I didn’t follow any diet and I could not breastfeed either. However, the time I was in the hospital was a bit stressful, because one of the twins had to stay for recovery and I think the stress made me lose weight. Then I started exercising (which I still do)and eating healthy until I reached my pre babies weight again.

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Did you do any reading during your pregnancy? What is the best pregnancy book?
Because my lack of concentration during pregnancy I opt for the audio book option. Listen to the “Hypnobirthing home study course by Kathryn Clark” helped. Although my pregnancy was since the beginning planned as a cesarean this helped me to be relaxed and calm during the operation. It was the best!

Can you describe the interior of your nursery in terms of style and theme? Are there any specific brands you used to decorate?
The theme is flowers, flamingos, and unicorns. Pastel shades of pale pink and white. Most of the things I bought at Babypark, Prénatal and some items I bought in Spain.

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Top 3 destinations to shop during your pregnancy
Spain, London, America (ONLINE)

Your favorite restaurant and what to order there?
Los pilones, a Mexican restaurant and their tacos are the best

Pluk – bowls

George – “(everything)

Your favorite drink
Munt Thee / Mojito

The best baby gift you got so far?
A twin baby carrier.

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What’s on your wishlist for your babies?
A playground  or a large Box where they can play in.

The top 3 websites you visit on a daily basis
Zalando, Asos, Topshop

The top 3 Instagram accounts you follow?

  • Camilacoelho
  • Collagevintage
  • Somethingnavy

What is your guilty pleasure?

Which fashion mom you look at for inspiration?

What inspires you most in life and where do you find creativity?
On the street! I like to walk through the city and look at people from all around the world, their style and also the buildings etc..

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What keeps you relaxed in stressful times? Describe your ultimate Me-time moment.
Netflix with popcorn and a big warm blanket with good company.

How do you stay healthy? Are there any beauty and lifestyle tips you would like to share?
Green juice every morning even before coffee it helps you to start the day full of energy.

Which mom would you like to introduce for the next Prêt à pregnant talks with and why?
Maureen Powel I think she is such a cool mom.

And last but not least…… Share the best tip for other pregnant ladies.
Being pregnant is the most magical thing that could ever happen to you. Creating life within you may only happen 1 time in your life, so enjoy it. Weight does not matter, stretch marks either, hair, skin, nausea, pain, fatigue, everything is rewarded when you have your baby in your arms. Let your baby surprise you, don’t be strict, flow with it and let life surprise you. You are going to do great mommy!

Pret a Pregnant talks with Vero Baez (8)

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